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Semper Paratus “Always Ready” Limited Edition Fine Art Print LE 25 pcs worldwide


This is the Semper Paratus “Always Ready” (Firetruck-First Responders Tribute) Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art Print LE 25 pcs worldwide
Size: 32" x 25"

Giclée is a type of fine arts print. The word is pronounced “zhee’clay” and it comes from the french term “gicleur,” which means “to spray.” 
This process produces an extremely high-resolution 2-D art replicas

Quote from Artist: "This First Responder tribute painting has a bit of a back story.
On September 26, 2020, my husband needed to be rushed to the hospital.
We didn't know why, but he was in excruciating pain. I couldn't get him into our car to take him to the
hospital. We were both terrified what him going to the hospital would mean as he would be alone. The
Covid 19 pandemic made it so family could not be with loved ones in the hospital.
I took this picture as my husband was being put into the back of an ambulance because I didn't know when
I would see him again. He would ride in the ambulance alone, and be in the hospital alone. I waited 5
hours in the parking lot of the hospital that night. My husband had an emergency appendectomy and
kidney stone. Due to Covid, they sent him home less than 8 hours after that ambulance ride. The black &
white photo below sums up so much for me. The medical staff and ambulance are a light of hope in the
darkness. The love of my life for over 30yrs being taken away from me. Both of us separated from each
other, and being scared of what going into the hospital would mean. Not only were we scared of his pain,
but scared that he would contract the virus while being treated in the hospital. So many have been
separated from their loved ones during this year, and have felt as I did then. When would I see my loved
one again? Are they alright? Will the virus seize them too?
My husband needed to have emergency surgery that night for an appendicitis and 10mm kidney stone.
Thank you SO MUCH to the first responders, doctors, nurses, and staff that were there when we needed
you most."

Limited edition giclée print is unframed, reproduced on 230 gsm premium archival matte paper Edition size:25 For international deliveries, the buyer is responsible for any import taxes/fees. The artist represents that this edition is limited to 25. No further giclée prints of the original will be made of this size. The artist retains the sole copyright of the original painting. Any unauthorized reproduction is in violation of U.S. copyright law without prior written consent of the artist. This limited edition giclee print will be signed, dated, numbered, and shipped in a rigid tube with a Letter of Authenticity

Artwork is always a special order, drop shipped from the artist and can not be returned